Elections: Voting systems

Updated Apr 2021
First Past the Post aka plurality voting, relative majority and Single-Member District Plurality or SMDP.
Proportional Representation

Californians for Electoral ReformSupports AV as well as PR

How Proportional Representation Elections Work From the US organization fairvote.org

List Proportional Representation

Allocation Formulas for Party List PR by Mike Ossipoff. This is also relevant to the allocation of House Representatives between States in the US

District systems for PR by Mike Ossipoff

Single Transferable Vote
Fair Representation Act Report from Fair Vote (United States)
ACCURATE DEMOCRACY A synthesis of STV and Condorcet ie STV weighted to the centre
Other Multi member systems
Single-Winner Methods
Ossipoff's Standards & Criteria for Evaluating & Comparing Multi-Alternative Single-Winner Social Choice Methods
Condorcet PHP A library for implementing Condorcet using php.

Voting Rights
Voter Suppression TacticsJoseff Rich Justice Department 1988-2005
Justice Dept's Switch from Voter Protection to Voter SuppressionContiuation of the Joseff Rich interview.