Peloponnese with Fiseries mod v 1.04 - Scenario for Aggressors: Ancient Rome

Updated - 4th November 2019

This Hellenistic Peloponnese scenario has 30x32 tiles. It is very crowded so there is little space for building new cities. The factions now have appropriate flags etc for the factions in this scenario rather than factions form the original Ancient Mediterranean scenario. It also requires the fisheries mod as some of the sea tiles provide extra food to avoid the excess food shortages of the fist version. Many of the factions will still suffer food shortages but at least some factions will have surplussed that they can export.

To play it unzip the file and place the pel-fish-99 folder in: C:\Users\YOUR_NAME\Documents\My Games\Aggressors Ancient Rome\Scenarios and the ancient_rome-fishery in: C:Program Files\Kubat Software\Aggressors Ancient Rome\Bin\Mods

I have added victory points to this version. The original Mediterranean scenario has different values for each faction in which the factions original territory has far higher value. This I have done for only the Aetolian League, Azania, and Boeotia so far. (And Azania has an especially challenging start as the Peloponese interior has a serious food deficit.)