Implementation of the Dayton Agreement on Bosnia
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'That this house applauds the Foreign Secretary's statement on ethical values as the foundation for Britain's foreign policy; regrets the lack of progress made so far by the international community in achieving the civil agenda of the Dayton Agreement, notably the establishment of national institutions, freedom of movement, media freedom and return of refugees; calls upon the British Government, therefore, to use its international influence to secure a long-term commitment for the maintenance of a large and powerful military force beyond the date set for the withdrawal of US combat troops in July 1998; and urges the constructive use of that military force to ensure stronger support for the Hague Tribunal, especially as regards the arrest of indicted war criminals such as Karadzic and Mladic, and also the use of the international force to oppose human-rights violations, to enforce the right of return of all refugees and displaced persons to their original homes in security and safety, and to ensure that the OSCE conducts the municipal elections in September 1997 in accordance with acceptable international standards.'

Motion sponsored by Malcom Wicks MP, and signed initially by the following members of the new parliament: John Austin, Harry Barnes, Martin Bell, Roger Berry, Harold Best, Desmond Browne, Richard Burden, Christine Butler, Anne Campbell, Roger Casale, David Chaytor, Tony Colman, Ann Cryer, Lawrence Cunliffe, Keith Darvill, Bill Etherington, Lorna Fitzsimons, Paul Flynn, Maria Fyfe, George Galloway, Bruce George, Ian Gibson, Thomas Graham, Jane Griffiths, John Gunnell, Keith Hill, Margaret Hodge, Kate Hoey, John Home-Robertson, Brian Iddon, Alan Johnson, Melanie Johnson, Lynne Jones, Martyn Jones, Sally Keeble, Andy King, Ken Livingstone, Elfyn Llwyd, Calum Macdonald, Fiona Mactaggart, Gordon Marsden, Robert Marshall-Andrews, Rosemary McKenna, Kevin McNamara, Chris Mullin, Denis Murphy, Colin Pickthall, Stephen Pound, Chris Ruane, Marsha Singh, Clive Soley, Phyllis Starkey, David Stewart, Paul Stinchcombe, Graham Stringer, David Taylor, Malcolm Wicks, David Winnick

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