Ancient Greek Verb Test

The test gives practice with Ancient Greek verbforms. You will be given the translation tense, voice, mood and person and you then, after guessing the Greek form, you check your answer. You then click on whether you had guesed correctly or not.
You will be required to register but this will not require any details, not even an email. Registeration ensures that which forms you have guessed correctly most often. The forms that you get wrong often will be tested more often than those you normally get right.
This is probably not the best way to learn Greek Verbs. The best way is to learn verb forms is to learn them in context -reading or in speaking Ancient Greek. Hence, the greatest service I could do to those learning Ancient Greek would be to write stories in simple Ancient Greek but my Greek is not up to it. However, the perfect is the enemy of the good so I offer what I am able to do. Quizzes, being interactive, have been shown to be an effective way of learning and reinforcement over time helps ensure what is learned is not forgotten. And learning a number of key verb forms will help you read quicker and therefore enable you to read more.

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Though this is newly launched, I am happy now that the navigation works as it should. However, even though there are 230 forms in the database only about 150 can currently be selected for testing but I am slowly adding to the number accessible . (16th March 2017) If you wish to request a verb form them you may post a comment on textkit and I will respond, if not with the exact form requested, at least with one that is equivalent .