Ancient Greek

Updated 12th August 2017
Verb Tests
Test yourself on Ancient Greek verb forms. Keeps score between tests and tests you on those you get most often wrong

Verb Drill.Gives you the Greek from which you must guess the tense etc

Eton Greek Verbs Tester.Gives you the Greek from which you must check the relevant boxes

Dictionaries and word lists
Flash cards for the top 1,100 Ancient Greek words.

Postpositives, insignificant yet essetial words


From CLASSOC UoA: Hot N Cold in Ancient Greek(Θερμος δε Ψυχος)

A song from the film Hercules in Ancient Greek- Ουδέν φήσω εράν (I Won't Say I'm in Love)

Commentaries and Vocabulary support Ancient Greek Texts
Commentary on Anabasis (book1) by MacMichael Not a proper scan but still usable.
Commentary on The Oeconomicus by A.H.N. Sewell. A pdf of the scaned pages scan of the commentary itself. The Greek text is not downloadable here but can be found on Perseus

Easy Readers